Flander's Lane, Washington Maine

Flander's Lane is named after my grandfather, Roland Flanders. It is a short dirt road with a few camps set on Washington Pond. There are tales that Flander's Lane is haunted. At least that's what my grandfather says.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Barn Board Floor

Pergo FloorDad took me to Marden's where I found some Pergo that looks like old barn board. We showed the fella there our specs, and he told us that we were about one box short of what he had in stock. Dad says, how much are you estimating for mistakes, errors, and cut aways? The guy says 10%. Dad looks at me and says, we can do better than that, so we took the chance and got the barn board.

Working on the floor was fun because Dad is such a carpenter. The guy is a master at math, and wood working tools. We did both rooms in two days, with three boards left over. It was close, but the place looks amazing. Any other style of Pergo would have not looked as good. The best part is getting to spend time with Dad, and learn some carpenter techniques.

Here's a funny thing. He always says, "ah... I only know just a little of what my old man knew." and I told him that I feel the same way. In fact, some where several generations back, there must have been an amazing great great great grandpa that knew it all, as Dad says his father said the same thing.Barn Board Floor


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