Flander's Lane, Washington Maine

Flander's Lane is named after my grandfather, Roland Flanders. It is a short dirt road with a few camps set on Washington Pond. There are tales that Flander's Lane is haunted. At least that's what my grandfather says.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Little Dead Things

Mouse SkelletonSo I decided not to bomb the place with chemicals, but instead remove the carpets, couch, and stuffed furniture that are so musty and gross. I figured that way any creepy crawlers that lived inside the carpet would just get rolled up and go away to their new home at the dump.

Behind the front door when I removed some old returnable bottles I found a couple dead mice. On further inspection I realized the place was full of Decon rat poison. Now I knew the rugs had to go. I could not have my 2 year old crawling around on a carpet full of rat poison. I moved all the furniture into the living room area and rolled up the bedroom carpet, which went outside easy. Then I put all the furniture into the bedroom so I could get started on the big carpet in the living room/kitchen. Getting the rug out from under the sink, fridge, and gas stove was a task, but now it's done.
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