Flander's Lane, Washington Maine

Flander's Lane is named after my grandfather, Roland Flanders. It is a short dirt road with a few camps set on Washington Pond. There are tales that Flander's Lane is haunted. At least that's what my grandfather says.

Friday, July 13, 2007


BeaverIn the very middle of the photo, you might be able to make out the cute whiskers of a beaver making his way up to the shore. I was out on my kayak entering the cove, and for the first time I got a glimpse of the beaver that has built a log home along the entrance to the swampy bog that is the cove.

I really enjoy getting up early and setting out on the lake with my video camera. It's an amazing experience to see all the critters that are out this time of day. Being able to capture any of it on camera is a real task. Most of it is sheer luck.

I put together another short video for you all to see. It's a little video trip out on Washington Pond. It's so sleepy and dreamy. Now I know why my daughter tends to fall asleep when we go out kayaking. It's so quiet and soothing. Today we see more loons, a beaver, beautiful lilly pads and their yellow flowers, all these little birds (swallows?) eating bugs over the water, and when I start my exit out of the cove, behind me we can hear a whole pack of coyotes howling where I had just been. So spooky. To think I was so close to so many predators without knowing it, and I'm sure they saw me, but I didn't see them. The thick morning mist hides a lot from my view.

I never know what will be around the next turn when I enter the cove. The tall grass along the edge could hide pretty much anything. I always wonder if I'm in any danger. Out here no one would ever know if anything happened. Boats with motors can't get in this far, and most folk on canoes and kayaks would weigh too much to get in this deep. I don't weigh much, so I can paddle to places where no one ever goes. I like these remote places, I feel like I get to see wildlife in it's untouched state. The solitude, and unknown dangers seem to give me a bit of a rush.

I hope to some day see the moose that folk talk about. He isn't seen very often, but if he's around, the cove is where he'd be. There's a set of ledges that come down to the water giving easy access for deer and coyotes to get a drink. I see their tracks in the soft earth along the ledge. Some early morning I hope to see them there. I am curious about the coyotes. I hear them every night just after the sun sets. Howling at the moon, fighting over a kill. Their aggressive nocturnal sounds are a reminder of just how wild it is here.


At July 16, 2007 10:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How great to see all of the wonders of the forest in your own backyard.

Coyotes were spotted in Golden Gate Park. They're comin'. I can feel it. I bet I'll soon hear the howls at Lake Cabot and see them sunning on my rock.

Trust that all is well...



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