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Flander's Lane is named after my grandfather, Roland Flanders. It is a short dirt road with a few camps set on Washington Pond. There are tales that Flander's Lane is haunted. At least that's what my grandfather says.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Hand Carved Fork & Spoon

Hand Carved Fork and SpoonMy dad cut down an old crab apple tree in his back yard. He brought me a bunch of it to burn in my fire pit, but I've always wanted to try carving apple wood. Fruit wood is known to be great for carving, and although I have never carved wood before, I thought it would be fun to make a wooden fork and spoon. I decided that the motif should be mythical creatures, so I made a Mermaid Fork, and then I made a Pan Spoon.

I don't have proper wood carving tools, in fact all I have is my Van Hoy Snap Lock, which is a very arty urban pocket knife, not really intended for carving. I'm not exactly sure what it's true function is meant to be, all I know is that an Osteopath I met at a party gave it to me for Christmas after I told him about a very effective herbal complementary care program to help his wife that had cancer, and was going through the whole chemo deal. After his wife kicked cancer, he gave me this very arty knife as a thank you. I love being self educated about beneficial herbs and natural health care. It has brought me the good life that I live. I also enjoy being able to share what I know with others, and I'm always glad when they believe that it helped them.

So when I wanted to make a fork and spoon set, I just did the best I could using my nifty Van Hoy. When it came time to hollow out the spoon, my dad once again came to the rescue with a "U" shaped chisel that he happened to have in his tool shed. It took me several weeks of carving, as my hand got really tired fast. I felt like I was going to have giant palm muscles and look like a freak if I didn't pace myself. I'd be walking around with giant bulging palm muscles... I mean... folk would wonder... "why does he have such large palm muscles?" Weird.

Mermaid Fork and Pan SpoonSo regardless of my freakishly large palm muscles, here they are, all sanded smooth. I started the Mermaid first, but I moved onto the spoon and completed it's sanding first. As soon as we used the spoon, and washed it, the super smooth finish picked up some tooth from the water, and some detail was lost. So I decided to complete the fork, get it all smooth, and then sand the spoon again so I could take a photo. Now that I have a picture of the completed set, we can get on with stirring food with these things, although their perfect smooth finish will be lost as well as some detail. But I have to use them... ya know?

I'm now working on a really long ladle spoon for stirring the Dutch Oven when I cook in the fire pit. I need a wood spoon that's long enough that I still have eyebrows after I stir the Dutch Oven. I'll take a pic of that when it's done. For now, here's the front and back of my Mermaid Fork and Pan Spoon.

If you'd like to make your own hand carved fork and spoon, I suggest wearing gloves, and put something like a chunk of thick leather in your lap so you don't slip and sink your knife or chisel into your leg. My dad gave me a pair of thick leather gloves that didn't fit him, and each time I slipped and snagged the leather instead of a finger, I looked up at the sky and said, "Thanks Dad."


At July 16, 2007 6:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Love the hand carved stuff.



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