Flander's Lane, Washington Maine

Flander's Lane is named after my grandfather, Roland Flanders. It is a short dirt road with a few camps set on Washington Pond. There are tales that Flander's Lane is haunted. At least that's what my grandfather says.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Malisa Island

Malisa IslandJust outside the cove, past the beaver's log home, there are a series of little eenie weenie islands before we get back to the deep of Washington Pond. Today kayaking around, my wee one asked to land on the largest of them all. Well... why not?

Now these are small islands, and it does not look like anyone ever spends any time on them. They are strange, full of bricker brack, scratchy twigs, burnt looking clay earth, and broken trees. There was an easy place to land, so land we did.

There wasn't much room to explore, and to be honest, I just didn't like it there. I didn't want to trample the bushes, and I was afraid of ticks, bugs, and who knows what. Uninhabited land, well... should just remain uninhabited I figure. It's freaky to be doing such adventurous things with my little one. I have to keep her safe you know.

I ask my kid what we should name the island, and she says Malisa Island. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff. I mean, she's 2 years old, and she has an answer for everything. Here she is looking out across the lily pads from the shore of Malisa Island. Just look how gray the clay soil is here. Somehow the gray clay weirded me out. It just didn't feel friendly here. All the dry sticks and gray clay seemed so bone like. Not like Loon Island that is covered in yummy blueberry bushes. I decided that I didn't want to spend much time here, so we hopped back into the kayak, and went home for a swim.

Night SwimmingAhhhh, now this is the life. Here it is nearly sun down, and it's still warm enough for a swim. Life is good here on the lake. On these hot muggy days, the only place to be is here floating around on the lake. Just look at that sky.


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