American Heart Association BLS

美国心脏协会BLS CPR与AED认证的医疗保健提供商

Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider

NEW 2020 BLS Course


新-更新2020年美国心脏学会CPR指南 & ECC.

Updated science and education from the new 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC

  • 教师指导,动手上课的形式加强技能熟练
  • 强调高质量的心肺复苏术,包括团队动力课堂活动
  • Video-based course with real world scenarios

AHA BLS认证- BLS医疗保健提供商


所有美国心脏协会BLS -医疗保健提供者正规网赌软件在哪里下载都有有限的可用性和要求 pre-registration, and pre-payment to guarantee a place in the class. 学生必须持有或在课堂上购买指导手册.

基本生命支持医疗保健提供商(AHA BLS)提供Excellent training for following audience:

The 美国心脏协会BLS医疗保健提供者正规网赌软件在哪里下载 教授心肺复苏术技能,以帮助所有年龄的受害者(包括使用屏障设备进行通风), a bag-mask device, and oxygen); use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

它的目的是为参与者提供医疗保健的患者在广泛的各种设置, including in-hospital and out-of-hospital, for certified or non-certified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare providers.

Healthcare providers, such as

  • Physicians,
  • Nurses,
  • Paramedics,
  • Emergency medical technicians,
  • 呼吸治疗师、物理及职业治疗师、
  • 医生助理,住院医师或同事,或者
  • 正在接受培训的医疗或护理学生、助手、医疗或护理助理、
  • Police officers, and
  • other allied health personnel.
  • Initial Assessment (assessing the CABs):
    • Circles of Care
    • Scene Safety Assessment)
  • Focus on Airway:
    • Opening the Airway
    • Clearing and Protecting the Airway
    • Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (responsive)
  • Focus on Breathing:
    • Mouth-to-Mask Ventilation
    • Rescue Breathing
    • Gastric Distention
    • 异物气道阻塞(无反应)
  • Focus on Circulation:
    • Assess Circulation
    • Chest Compressions
    • BLS CPR
    • Chain of Survival
    • CAB and AEDs of Patient Care
    • AED Operation
美国心脏协会BLS旨在帮助:Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers:

医疗保健提供商改进了他们的能力,以处理紧急情况下患者持续的和具有挑战性的需求. 参加美国心脏协会在旧金山湾区的BLS培训班,获得你的AHA心肺复苏认证.

The American Heart Association BLS Training 是否有人期望或要求能够胜任院前基本生命维持.

AHA BLS offers:Written/Skills Exam:
  • A relaxed, non-threatening class environment
  • An emphasis on teamwork
  • Small group practices
  • 满足BLS CPR对医疗保健提供者继续教育要求的正规网赌软件在哪里下载.

Required for completion card