Brisbane CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in Brisbane

An injury can occur anywhere. Not every injury is fatal, but timely care can make a world of difference, even between life and death. This is why First Aid classes Brisbane are so important. Everyone, especially people who are involved in healthcare and childcare, should undertake this training.

First Aid training goes beyond CPR and teaches you other emergency procedures. It can be an invalua-ble aid when anyone close to you is injured, whether at home, work or in the streets. First Aid training can include:

Assessing the victim: Before you start aid, you have to assess the situation of the person. If it’s an injury, check its seriousness. Is it just a cut or does it look more serious? In case of stroke, check if the person is still awake and breathing. First Aid classes with CPR Certification in Brisbane will teach you how to do CPR on a stroke patient. You need to assess if they can be moved and if you need to call emergency services immediately.

Bleeding control: If a person is bleeding profusely, it is imperative that we stop or control it immediately, at least till you can reach emergency services. If left unattended, the person could end up losing too much blood, which can endanger their life. First Aid teaches us the right way to position the body, staunch the blood flow and apply a tourniquet if necessary.

Burns treatment: This is a common injury, especially at home. First Aid classes Brisbane teaches us the right way to deal with burns so that the severity and pain is minimized. We can learn how to deal with burns effectively and quickly. With proper care, we can deal with small burns at home. But First Aid can also help us in recognizing more severe case that needs professional medical attention ASAP. Burns can lead to dehydration and hypothermia. So, it’s important to treat it in the right manner.

Head and neck injury: Such injuries can be fatal and it is critical that patients be handled carefully. First Aid classes teach us to recognize the injury and how it should be dealt with and what measures you should take before emergencies services arrive. Usually the patient should immediately be taken to a hospital.

CPR: Or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of the most essential skills that you can learn at a Brisbane CPR training course. CPR is a mandatory requirement in certain professions, such as childcare. It can liter-ally save lives in certain emergency situations like a stroke or choking. CPR training Brisbane teaches us the right way of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as well as hands-only compression.