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San Leandro CPR Training & First Aid Classes – CPR Certification in San Leandro

Whether you own a licensed childcare center in San Leandro or you are a babysitter or childcare provider in San Leandro, it is extremely important that you take EMSA Pediatric CPR and first aid training classes. Pediatric CPR and first aid training would ensure that you are able to handle the most terrible situations involving mishaps and accidents amongst children in a confident and secure manner.

Little children are playful by nature. It is almost impossible to make them sit at one place for long. This makes them vulnerable to injuries and wounds. Children often fall, they trip, they get injured, or may be choked or have difficulty in breathing. If you are trained in pediatric CPR and first aid you can handle these situations effectively. You can help revive the injured child till the time medical help arrives. Adequate knowledge in first aid and proper pediatric CPR and first aid training can help save the lives of children in emergency. You can also save yourself from being sued by the parents of the victims.

The goal of the pediatric first aid and CPR training is not limited to educating the learners about the necessary skills required for saving the lives of victims in emergency. It also informs learners about the preventive measures that can lessen the occurrence of such accidents and incidences.

If you are a babysitter or a staff working in San Leandro at one of the childcare centers or you are someone who is interested in starting your own childcare center, do complete pediatric CPR and first aid training as required by the EMS Authority. Child care provider training should consist of 15 hours of training for first-time licensees. You would need to complete the hours of training in the following manner: 4 hours of pediatric first aid, 4 hours of pediatric CPR, and 7 hours of preventive health and safety training. Every two years, child care providers are required to renew their training by completing 4 hours of pediatric first aid and 4 hours of pediatric CPR including adult CPR and infant, child, and adult AED training.

Look for a qualified and licensed trainer in San Leandro who can guide you in every step. Complete your training to become a responsible, professional, and licensed childcare provider.

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